The project was created on the initiative
of Ministry of the Internal Affairs of Ukraine
Car for Ukrainian Army
As you know there is the war in Ukraine and we need your help!

On this website, you can donate your car or purchase and give for the use of the Army Forces of Ukraine.

First of all needs, pickups, jeeps, ambulances, minibuses and buses are necessary.

Nowadays there are the hostilities on the territory of Ukraine because of the aggression of the russian federation and this project is established to help the Ukrainian Army to protect the country and its civilians.

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По-перше, хочемо подякувати усім, хто допомагає забезпечувати наш фронт автівками. Ваша підтримка дуже важлива!
По-друге,ми активно звітуємо про діяльність нашого проєкту і у вас є можливість слідкувати за ним, підписавшись на Facebook проєкту. Щоб побачити, більше фото та відео зі звітами, натисніть на кнопку
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You fill in the car transfer application form.
We communicate with you and discuss the transfer conditions.
The cars are transferred across the border with our volunteers.
Then the cars come to Ukraine, where they are given to serve for the Ukrainian Army.

Ви можете пожертвувати кошти на закупку машин або квадроциклів, для цього просто натисніть на кнопку


Fill in the application form, please:

    Місцезнаходження автомобіля (де оглянути/забрати)

    Даю згоду на обробку персональних даних

    You can also be interested in another project.

    As you know, there is the war in Ukraine! And we need your help in organizing trailer parks for Ukrainian migrants from the hostilities’ zone.

    On this website, you can donate or transfer trailers, campers, wheeled houses, which will be placed in specially created towns for Ukrainian refugees.
    Go to website:

    Founders of the project:

    Anton Gerashchenko

    Advisor of Minister of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Project Initiator

    Victor Andrusiv

    Advisor to the Head of President’s Office

    Rostislav Smirnov

    Advisor of Ministry of Internal Affairs

    Команда проєкту

    Victoria Klochko

    Project Manager

    Juris Puce

    Project Coordinator in the EU

    Boreychak Mikhail

    Volunteer, car logistics coordinator between countries and in Ukraine

    Alexander Usenko

    Head of IT.

    Tatiana Karpenko

    Head of Marketing